Centre for Olympic Research and Education

  • 18 Apr 2024

On 16th April 2024, Rashtriya Raksha University announced the establishment of B-CORE, an academic and research center endorsed by the IOC, aimed at promoting Olympism and sports management initiatives.

Key Points

  • Olympic Hosting Bid: Gujarat aims to host the 2036 Olympics, prompting the establishment of B-CORE at Rashtriya Raksha University (RRU) in Gandhinagar.
  • International Recognition: B-CORE becomes the 71st center worldwide recognized by the IOC and endorsed by the Indian Olympic Association.
  • Academic Hub: B-CORE will offer academic, research, sports, and extension programs, becoming a magnet for scholars, professionals, and sports enthusiasts.
  • Focus on Olympism: The center aims to promote Olympism and foster Olympic ideals within the country, providing resources for academic pursuits and professional development.
  • Global Engagement: Long-term plans include international collaboration, hosting events, and contributing to the global discourse on Olympism.
  • Specialized Courses: B-CORE will introduce specialized courses in sports management and related disciplines to prepare professionals for successful careers.
  • University Background: RRU, specializing in national security and police studies, expands its scope to include sports management through B-CORE, alongside its existing physical education and sports school.