WHO Raises Alarm on H5N1 Bird Flu Spread

  • 19 Apr 2024

On 18th April 2024, WHO expressed concern over H5N1 bird flu's spread to new species, including humans, with high mortality rates.

Key Points

  • Avian Flu Outbreak Patterns: Most avian flu cases in India reported during post-monsoon to pre-summer season, reveals the study.
  • Unexpected Susceptibility: Cows and goats infected in latest bird flu outbreak, surprising experts due to their presumed immunity.
  • Global Zoonotic Pandemic: H5N1 strain becomes a global zoonotic animal pandemic, increasing risks for humans.
  • Evolutionary Concerns: Virus evolution raises fears of human transmission, urging vigilant monitoring.
  • High Mortality Rates: Mortality rates remain extraordinarily high in human cases, with a fatality rate of 52 percent.
  • Human Transmission Cases: Second case of human infection with bird flu recorded in the US, highlighting potential risks from mammalian exposure.
  • Urgent Preparations: WHO calls for enhanced monitoring, vaccine development, and global preparedness to tackle potential human transmission.