China Launches Chang'e-6 Lunar Probe Mission

  • 04 May 2024

On 3rd May 2024, China embarked on a historic lunar exploration endeavour with the launch of the Chang'e-6 mission, aimed at collecting samples from the moon's far side and returning them to Earth for scientific research.

  • Launched from the Wenchang Space Launch Site using a Long March-5 Y8 rocket.
  • Mission components include an orbiter, lander, ascender, and re-entry module, facilitating sample collection and return.
  • Breakthroughs expected in key technologies such as automatic sample collection and take-off from the moon's far side.
  • Scientific instruments from France, Italy, European Space Agency/Sweden, and Pakistan will be onboard.
  • China's ambitious space program aims for manned lunar landing by 2030, following successful unmanned missions to the moon and Mars exploration.