Flying Wedge Unveils FWD-200B Bomber UAV

  • 04 May 2024

On 3rd May 2024, Flying Wedge Defence and Aerospace Technologies introduced the FWD-200B bomber UAV, a cost-effective solution bolstering India's unmanned combat capabilities and promoting self-reliance in defence.

Key Points

  • Advancing Unmanned Air Combat: FWD-200B enhances India's unmanned air combat prowess with indigenous technology, addressing the critical need for advanced unmanned combat aircraft.
  • Key Features and Capabilities: MALE UAV with 100kg fuel capacity, optical surveillance payloads, and precision air strike capabilities, boasts a maximum speed of 370 kmph and endurance of 12-20 hours.
  • Pursuit of Self-Reliance: Flying Wedge's indigenous UAV technology aligns with India's drive for self-reliance in defence, crucial for modern warfare strategies.
  • Collaboration with Indian Armed Forces: Engaging with the Army Design Bureau, Flying Wedge aims for the UAV's induction into the Armed Forces, coordinating certification processes with ADB's Regional Technology Node.
  • Certification and Flight Dynamics: Plans to conduct flight tests in May and pursue certification processes with CEMILAC, ensuring compliance with military airworthiness standards.
  • Export Opportunities: Targeting markets in Africa and South-East Asia, offering a cost-effective alternative to expensive UAVs like Predators, with production costs estimated at Rs 25 crore.
  • Promoting Global Partnerships: FWD-200B opens avenues for international collaboration, contributing to global defence partnerships and technology sharing initiatives.