EU Ends Dispute with Poland Over Democratic Backsliding

  • 07 May 2024

On 6th May 2024, the European Union's executive decided to resolve its 6-year dispute with Poland, acknowledging Prime Minister Donald Tusk's reforms to address concerns over democratic principles.

Key Points

  • Resolution of Dispute: The EU ends its dispute with Poland, acknowledging reforms initiated by Prime Minister Donald Tusk to address concerns over democratic principles.
  • Releasing Frozen Funds: Following the decision in February to release frozen funds, the EU now withdraws its case over rule of law complaints against Poland.
  • Strained Relations: Poland's dispute with the EU began in 2015 when the Law and Justice party implemented reforms criticized for placing the judiciary under political control.
  • Threats of Sanctions: The EU threatened sanctions, including suspension of Poland's EU voting rights and blocking access to EU funds, prompting concerns over democratic erosion.
  • Reforms: Poland’s Prime Minister has worked to overturn controversial measures, leading to the EU's decision to end the dispute.