High-Level Mediation Talks for Peace in South Sudan

  • 10 May 2024

On 9th May 2024, African leaders gathered in Kenya for mediation talks aimed at ending the conflict in South Sudan, with hopes for lasting stability and economic development in the region.

Key Points

  • High-Level Mediation Talks Begin: African leaders convened in Kenya to launch talks aimed at ending the long-standing conflict in South Sudan, with a focus on achieving lasting peace and stability.
  • President Kiir's Commitment to Negotiation: South Sudan's President Salva Kiir expressed gratitude for the talks and pledges to negotiate in good faith, emphasizing the importance of peace for regional development.
  • Inclusive Solutions Urged by Ruto: Kenyan President William Ruto emphasized the need for inclusive, home-grown solutions to African challenges, highlighting the importance of Pan-African cooperation.
  • International Support for Talks: The U.S. Special Envoy for the Horn of Africa welcomed the mediation talks, applauding Kenya's commitment to regional stability and peace in South Sudan.
  • Confidence in Resolution: Chief mediator Lazarus Sumbeiywo expressed confidence in the talks' ability to resolve outstanding issues, emphasizing the importance of sustained mediation efforts.
  • Challenges Remain in South Sudan: Despite the 2018 peace agreement, South Sudan faces challenges in fully implementing key provisions, with unresolved issues hindering preparations for upcoming elections.