MEA's OCI Circular Sparks Uncertainty for Goans in Portugal

  • 11 May 2024

Recent revisions by MEA regarding OCI card applications for Goans in Portugal create uncertainty, impacting those whose Indian passports were revoked.

Key Points

  • Revised Circular Raises Hopes: MEA's April 4, 2024, memo hinted at accepting 'revocation orders' as alternative to surrender certificates for OCI.
  • Corrigendum Adds Uncertainty: April 30, 2024, corrigendum brings uncertainty, stating MHA is still considering revocation certificate acceptance.
  • Anxiety in Goa: Revocation of passports causes anxiety among Goans as they face obstacles in obtaining OCI cards.
  • Significance in Goa: Past 18 months see heightened significance after MEA instructed passport revocations, impacting OCI eligibility.
  • Portuguese Citizenship Option: Portugal offers Goans born before 1961 and descendants citizenship, leading to passport revocations for OCI applicants.
  • Surrendered Passports Data: Around 10,129 Indian passports surrendered in five years due to obtaining Portuguese citizenship, says Goa CM.
  • High Court's Directive: Bombay High Court at Goa directs FRRO, MEA, and passport office to consider OCI applications as per April 4 memo.