Home Ministry Directs Paramilitary Forces to Adopt Beekeeping Model

  • 13 May 2024

The Union Home Ministry mandated central paramilitary and allied forces to replicate a successful beekeeping model on border fences, aiming to create employment and foster goodwill with locals.

Key Points

  • Initiative to Boost Employment: The Union Home Ministry directs central paramilitary and allied forces to adopt a beekeeping model on border fences to generate employment opportunities for locals.
  • Replication across Forces: All central armed police forces (CAPFs) are directed to replicate the beekeeping model in their respective areas of responsibility to enhance local engagement and security.
  • Application across Different Borders: While some border guarding forces don't have fences, they can adapt the model to suit their duties, aiming to create goodwill and strengthen security.
  • Objectives of the Model: The beekeeping initiative aims to deter border crimes, engage locals in productive work, and foster a sense of community ownership in remote areas.
  • Collaborative Efforts: The BSF has collaborated with the Ayush ministry to procure herbal plants, part of the Union government's vibrant village programme (VVP), to support the initiative.
  • Impact and Expansion: Since its launch, the initiative has led to the planting of over 1 lakh saplings, showcasing the potential for enhancing local livelihoods and biodiversity conservation.