Indian Army to Acquire Russian Igla-S VSHORAD Systems

  • 16 May 2024

Indian Army is expected to receive Russian Igla-S air defence systems by end-May or early June, 2024, filling critical void in air defence capabilities.

Key Points

  • Contract Details: ADSTL contracted for assembling Igla-S launchers, missiles, night sights under Rs. 260 crore deal.
  • Resolution of Payment Issues: Payment issues with Russia resolved through use of national currencies, easing delays in critical defence deals including S-400 air defence systems.
  • Emergency Procurements (EP) in Focus: Indian Army concludes over 70 schemes worth nearly Rs. 11,000 crore under EP-4, enhancing defence capabilities.
  • Importance of VSHORAD Systems: VSHORAD systems crucial for soldier's last line of defence against enemy combat aircraft, helicopters, and UAVs.
  • Upgradation of Air Defence Systems: Indian Army seeks to upgrade shoulder-fired air defence systems, initiating procurement under indigenous and joint development routes.
  • Procurement of Hermes-900 UAV: Indian Army, Navy, and IAF place orders for Hermes-900 and Heron Mk2 UAVs, enhancing surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities.