Second Phase of Nuclear Exercised Commenced

  • 12 Jun 2024

On June 11th , 2024, Russian and Belarusian armed forces have begun the second phase of tactical nuclear weapon exercises aimed at maintaining the readiness of personnel and equipment of units for the combat use of non-strategic nuclear weapons of two countries, to unconditionally ensure the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Union State.

Key Points

  • The two armies rolled out fighter jets and tanks in an exercise aimed at showing the world the readiness of their military partnership.
  • First stage: Russian forces conducted combat training tasks involving the Iskander operational-tactical missile system, specifically equipping launch vehicles with ammunition.
  • During this phase the Russian forces had initially trained separately and then joint Belarusian personnel for joint drills,
  • Second Stage: Involves working out joint training of Russian and Belarusian units “for the combat use of non-strategic nuclear weapons.