Labour Party Won UK’s General Election 2024

  • 05 Jul 2024

On July 4th the Labour Party emerged victorious in Unityedf Kingdom’s (UK’s ) general election by winning 407 of 650 seats.

Key Points

  • Labour Party leader Keir Starmer will be the next British Prime Minister after his Party secured a landslide victory in the UK general election, ending the 14-year reign of the Conservative Party led by Rishi Sunak.
  • In 2019, Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party secured a majority by seizing seats from the Labour Party in its traditional heartlands in the north and midlands.

UK Parliamentary Election System

  • Voters in 650 constituencies across the UK will elect members of parliament to the lower chamber, the House of Commons, via the first-past-the-post system.
  • To win each constituency and gain a seat in the House, candidates need to receive more votes than any of their competitors.
  • A party needs to win at least 50 percent of the seats – 326 – to secure a majority in the House of Commons and be asked to form a government by the monarch, King Charles III.
  • The members of parliament’s upper chamber, the House of Lords, are appointed rather than elected.