BAP1 Gene: Known as a ‘Tumor Defense’ Gene

  • 09 Jul 2024

Scientists from the Wellcome Sanger Institute, the Institute of Cancer Research, London, and the University of Cambridge, have made a groundbreaking discovery, identifying over 5,000 genetic variations that contribute to cancer growth.

Key Points

  • A key finding was the link between certain BAP1 variants and elevated levels of IGF-1, a hormone associated with cancer growth.
  • This discovery paves the way for potential new treatments targeting IGF-1 to slow down or prevent cancer progression.
  • The study’s comprehensive approach benefits individuals from diverse ethnic backgrounds, addressing the historical underrepresentation of non-European populations in genetic research.
  • The team has used an innovative technique called ‘saturation genome editing’, the team analyzed all 18,108 possible DNA changes in the BAP1 gene.
  • They found that 5,665 of these changes were harmful, disrupting the protein’s protective effects against cancers of the eye, lung lining, brain, skin, and kidney.