New Agency DSRO For Developing Space Weapons

  • 12 Jun 2019

Why is it in News?

The government has given approval to set up a new agency, Defence Space Research Agency (DSRO) that will develop sophisticated space weapons and technologies.

Relevance of the News: It gives an overview of the efforts being undertaken by the government in developing space technologies and securing the space.

Defence Space Research Agency (DSRO):

  • The Cabinet Committee on Security headed by the Prime Minister has cleared the setting up of the DSRO which will be geared towards creating space warfare weapon systems and technologies.
  • The agency has started taking shape under a Joint Secretary level scientist.
  • DSRO would be provided with a team of scientists which would be working in tandem with the tri-services integrated Defence staff officers.
  • The DSRA would provide R&D support to Defence Space Agency (DSA).

Defence Space Agency (DSA):

  • DSA is an agency which will help India in fighting wars in space. It consists of members of the three services.
  • The DSA, being set up in Bengaluru, will gradually take over the space-related work of the three forces.
  • DSA is an important institutional initiative that combines two key functions performed by the Defence Imagery Processing and Analysis Centre (DIPAC) and the Defence Satellite Control Centre, representing the growing integration of India’s space capabilities.
  • India recently demonstrated India’s anti-satellite (ASAT) capability by conducting successful satellite destruction tests in outer space.