Quick Reaction Surface To Air Missile System (QRSAM)

Why is it in News?

QRSAM was successfully test fired at Chandipur in Odisha's Balasore district in February 2019.

About QRSAM:

  • QRSAM is an indigenously built missile system that uses solid-fuel propellant and has a stated range of strike range of 25-30 km.
  • It is an all weather weapon system that is capable of tracking and firing with precision.
  • It is capable of engaging multiple targets.

Why was there a need to develop QRSAM in the existence of the Akash Aerial Defence System?

India is placed at a geographical location where it has hostile neighbors like Pakistan and China. Hence, it becomes relevant to develop another missile system rather than relying on a single Air Defense System like Akash.

How QRSAM has an edge over the Akash Missile System:

  • QRSAM units are 3 times lighter than the Akash missile unit, which makes it logistically convenient- reloading it and carrying extra units will be easier.
  • Shorter second reaction time
  • 360 Degree Coverage