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Good Governance Index 2021

On 25th December, 2021, the union government released the Good Governance Index 2020-21. The index has been prepared by Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances (DARPG), Government of India.

About the Index

  • The Good Governance Index 2021 (GGI) covers 10 sectors and 58 indicators. It is a comprehensive and implementable framework that helps in assessing the status of governance across states and union territories, and enables ranking of states or districts.
  • GGI is prepared with the objective of creating a tool, which can be used uniformly across the States & UTs to assess the impact of the interventions taken up by the Central and State Governments.

Key Highlights

  • Gujarat, Maharashtra and Goa top the list.
  • In this year’s index, 20 states have improved their composite ‘Good Governance Index’ (GGI) scores.
  • Gujarat saw an increase of 12% while Goa registered around 25% increase on indicators recorded by these states as compared to 2019.
  • Uttar Pradesh has secured the top position in commerce & industry sector.
  • Uttar Pradesh has also improved in social welfare & development and judiciary & public safety sectors, besides in citizen-centric governance parameters.
  • Jammu & Kashmir recorded a 3.7% improvement in GGI indicators. The UT performed strongly in commerce & industry sector.
  • In the Northeast and Hill States category, Mizoram performed strongly in commerce and industry, public health, human resource development and economic governance.
  • In the Union Territory category, Delhi performed the best.