Diamer-Basha Dam

  • China’s state-run China Power and Pakistan army’s commercial body Frontiers Works Organisation have signed an accord to construct the Dam on the River Indus in the northern Gilgit-Baltistan region, which borders China.
  • Diamer Bhasha Dam, probably the world’s highest concertised dam, will stand at a height of 272m.
  • The Diamer-Bhasa Dam in PoK not only infringes upon India’s sovereignty but can be an ecological disaster as there are 300 earthquakes on average in a single month at the proposed site. And this is not the only challenge as the reservoir of the dam is to be constructed on top of the Central Asian faultline.
  • India had objected to the construction of the dam repeatedly as it falls under Indian territory and can cause water shortage in Ladakh and the 200-sq km reservoir of the dam could flood 100 kms of the Karakoram highway, and the villages and farms of over 35,000 people could disappear. Tens of thousands of thousand-year old rock carvings could also vanish.