Zinc Deficiency In India

Why is it in News?

In a recent study by the Harvard School, it has been revealed that increase in Carbon dioxide level is one of the causes of Zinc deficiency in crops.

Causes of Zinc Deficiency in India:

1. Increase in carbon emission has led to change in nutritional profile of crops causing micronutrients deficiency.

2. People in India prefer rice over coarse grains, which is another cause leading to deficiency of Zinc.

3. Zinc deficiency is found more in southern states & north eastern states as rice is the staple food of these states (Zinc is found more in coarse grains and less in rice etc.)

Role played by Zinc:

  • Zinc is a micronutrient that helps in boosting immunity, helps cell growth, bone growth and is primarily important for pregnant & lactating women.
  • Source- Leguminous plants, coarse grains

Food Fortification:

  • It is a deliberate addition of one or more micronutrients to food.
  • Food fortification is a proven and effective strategy to meet the nutritional needs of a large number of people across various sections of the society.
  • Deficiency of micronutrients is referred to as ‘Hidden Hunger’.
  • Fortified foods is marked with +F logo.

Benefits of Food Fortification:

  • Well planned food fortification can help advance overall health goals, starting with maternal health & child health.
  • Fortified foods can help fill the gaps, in need of speedy remedial nutrition. It prevents and eliminates the nutritional deficiencies.


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