Unnat Takniki Pradarshan Kendra

  • 27 Jun 2023

On 26th June, 2023, the Ministry of Power inaugurated a dedicated Centre of Excellence called UTPRERAK (Unnat Takniki Pradarshan Kendra) to accelerate the adoption of energy-efficient technologies in the country's industrial sector.

It aims to enhance India's contribution to the global energy transition and improve the energy efficiency of Indian industries.

The key points are:

  • Mandate: The Centre aims to play a catalytic role in improving the energy efficiency of Indian industries and scaling up India's contribution to the global energy transition.
  • Name and Location: UTPRERAK, also known as the Advanced Industrial Technology Demonstration Centre (AITDC), is located at the Badarpur campus of the National Power Training Institute (NPTI) in New Delhi.
  • Role and Function: UTPRERAK will serve as a key reference and resource institution on industrial energy-efficient technologies.
  • It will showcase and demonstrate energy-efficient technologies in various industry sectors and act as an exhibition-cum-information center.
  • Knowledge Exchange Platform: UTPRERAK will facilitate knowledge exchange through workshops, seminars, and learning sessions for industry professionals, enabling the diffusion of best practices and innovative energy-efficient solutions.
  • Capacity Building: UTPRERAK aims to be a one-stop solution provider for energy professionals by offering intensive training and education in energy efficiency.
  • It plans to train more than 10,000 energy professionals from the industry and other potential sectors over the next five years.
  • Policy Inputs: The Centre is expected to provide key inputs for national energy policy formulation, contributing to the development of energy-efficient policies and strategies in India.
  • Collaboration and Technology Transfer: UTPRERAK will collaborate with research institutions, including Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) and other organizations, for collaboration and technology transfer on advanced energy-efficient technologies.
  • Research and Development: The Centre will operate as a Regional Hub for conducting research and development activities in clean energy technologies.
  • It will focus initially on sectors such as iron & steel, cement, paper, chlor-alkali, and textiles, with the potential to expand to other energy-intensive sectors.