Parliamentary Committee Clears Bill Empowering ISO Commanders

  • 25 Jul 2023

Recently, the Standing Committee on Defence, led by Jual Oram, gave its approval to the Inter-Services Organisations (Command, Control and Discipline) Bill, 2023, which seeks to grant disciplinary and administrative powers to the Commander-in-Chief and Officer-in-Command of Inter-Services Organisations (ISOs).

Key Points:

  • Empowering Commanders: With the existence of various Inter-Services Organisations (ISOs) and joint training establishments, the Bill aims to empower the Commander-in-Chief and Officer-in-Command of ISOs with disciplinary/administrative powers over personnel from other services.
  • Challenges with the Current System: Currently, personnel serving in ISOs need to be reverted to their parent Service units for undergoing disciplinary or administrative action.
  • Loss of Man hours: This process involves the movement of individuals and witnesses to their respective commands/headquarters, leading to delays in case finalization and loss of man-hours.
  • Importance of Passing the Bill: Enacting the Bill is expected to streamline the disciplinary process, expedite the dispensation of justice, and enhance the administering of discipline within ISOs.
  • Tangible Benefits of the Bill: There are various benefits of enacting the Bill, including the maintenance of effective discipline and efficiency in Inter-services establishments.
  • The Bill aims to abolish the practice of reverting personnel under disciplinary proceedings to their parent Service units, leading to expedited disposal of cases of misdemeanor or indiscipline.