India Ranks Sixth in South Asia for Internet Resilience

  • 11 Aug 2023

India has secured sixth position in the South Asian region in terms of Internet Resilience, as per the recently released Pulse Internet Resilience Index (IRI) by the non-profit Internet Society in early August.

Key Points:

  • India's Internet Resilience Ranking: India has been ranked sixth in South Asia based on the Pulse Internet Resilience Index (IRI), trailing behind Bhutan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and ahead of Pakistan.
  • Parameters for Resilience: The IRI evaluates internet resilience considering four key parameters: infrastructure, performance, security, and market readiness.
  • India's Resilience Scores: India's overall internet resilience is 43 percent, with a breakdown of 31 percent for infrastructure, 40 percent for performance, 66 percent for security, and 35 percent for market readiness.
  • Mobile Connectivity and Security: The report highlights India's strong mobile connectivity with 81 percent network coverage, contributing to its infrastructure score.
  • Market Readiness and Affordability: India's market readiness is marked by significant affordability (87 percent) but a low domain count (3 percent), affecting its overall score.
  • Regional Rankings: In Southern Asia, Bhutan leads with 58 percent resilience, followed by Bangladesh (51 percent), Maldives (50 percent), Sri Lanka (47 percent), Nepal (43 percent), and India (43 percent).
  • Continental and Global Figures: Europe has the highest continental resilience at 60 percent, while Africa has the lowest at 36 percent.