WHO South-East Asia Region Adopts Gandhinagar Declaration

  • 20 Aug 2023

On 17th august, 2023, the WHO South-East Asia Region, which bears the weight of nearly half of the global TB cases and fatalities, has pledged to intensify its efforts to eliminate tuberculosis by 2030.

Key Points:

  • Challenging TB in the Region: Member countries in the region adopted the Gandhinagar Declaration during a ministerial meeting on “Sustain, Accelerate, and Innovate to end TB in the South-East Asia Region.”
  • High-Level Multisectoral Commissions: The declaration calls for the establishment of high-level multisectoral commissions in each country, reporting to the highest political level.
  • These commissions aim to foster collaboration among various stakeholders and monitor the progress toward ending TB and other priority diseases.
  • They can also contribute to building robust health systems and promoting universal health coverage and health security.
  • Equitable TB Services: The declaration highlights the importance of adopting and utilizing science and technology for equitable and human rights-based TB services that are accessible to all, regardless of social, cultural, or demographic differences. An integrated primary health care approach is encouraged.
  • Resource Allocation: The declaration underscores the allocation of necessary resources to meet TB service coverage targets and address social determinants that have a multi-disease impact.
  • Continued Priority: The declaration calls on WHO to maintain TB as a flagship priority program in the coming years and provide leadership and technical support to countries for sustained and accelerated approaches, backed by research and innovation.