BRO Embarks on Constructing the World's Highest Motorable Road

  • 21 Aug 2023

In a remarkable feat of engineering and strategic significance, the Border Roads Organisation (BRO) has initiated the construction of a groundbreaking 64-kilometer-long road situated near Hanle in Eastern Ladakh's Demchok sector.

Key Points:

  • Record-Breaking Ascent: At present, Umling La in Ladakh holds the title of the world's highest motorable road, reaching a height of 19,024 feet.
  • This 52-kilometer road connects Chishumle to Demchok, strategically positioned along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) and serving as a pivotal location in India's border region with China.
  • Women Pioneers in Construction: Breaking gender barriers, an all-woman team of BRO engineers initiated construction work on the Likaru-Mig La-Fukche road.
  • Crucial Feeder Road: The forthcoming road will serve as a feeder road to the Chushul-Dungti-Fukche-Demchok (CDFD) road, which runs parallel to the LAC.
  • Substantial Budget Allocation: The ambitious construction endeavor has been allotted an estimated budget of approximately Rs 520 crore.
  • Challenges: The region's harsh climate, characterized by heavy snowfall and plummeting temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius in winter, presents formidable challenges to construction efforts.
  • Enhancing India's Strategic Capabilities: This pioneering project, spearheaded by the BRO, addresses long-standing geographical constraints and bolsters India's military readiness.
  • This development is expected to significantly reduce travel time to the LAC, underscoring its strategic importance while simultaneously fostering socio-economic growth in the surrounding villages.