India and Kenya Sign MoU for Ship Design and Construction

  • 31 Aug 2023

On 29th August, Goa Shipyard Limited and Kenya Shipyard Limited have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for mutual capacity building and cooperation in ship design and construction.

Key Points

  • Evolution of Defense Relationship: India’s Defence Minister and Kenyan Cabinet Secretary for Defence recognized the evolving defense relationship between the two countries, moving beyond training-focused collaboration to strategic aspects.
  • Maritime Security Focus: The Ministers emphasized the importance of deeper cooperation in ensuring maritime security in the Indian Ocean region.
  • Defence Industry Cooperation: The discussions included cooperation in the defense industry and equipment. Kenyan Cabinet Secretary Aden Bare Duale acknowledged the expertise of the Indian defense industry, suggesting areas where Indian industry could support Kenyan force requirements.
  • Training and Collaboration: The Cabinet Secretary proposed a 'training of trainers' program, where Kenyan forces' instructors would receive training from Indian armed forces instructors, ensuring continuity and enhanced program benefits.
  • Joint Training: Both sides agreed to collaborate on joint training initiatives, including counter-insurgency and UN peacekeeping domains.
  • Regional Security Issues: The meeting covered various regional security issues of mutual interest, facilitating a comprehensive discussion on security challenges.