​North Korea’s Leader Heads to Russia for Meeting with President

  • 14 Sep 2023

North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un recently travelled to Russia to meet with President Vladimir Putin, an unusual meeting of two isolated leaders seeking support in their confrontations with Western nations.

Key Points:

  • Mutual Needs: North Korea Leader is anticipated to request economic assistance and military technology for North Korea, while Russian President seeks munitions for Russia's ongoing conflict in Ukraine, creating an opportunity for both leaders.
  • However, any arms deal with North Korea would breach past sanctions that Russia supported.
  • Strategic Importance of Relations: North Korea’s leader emphasized the significance of his visit to Russia, marking his first foreign trip since the COVID-19 pandemic, as a demonstration of Pyongyang's prioritization of its relationship with Moscow.
  • Potential Arms Supply: North Korea possesses aging artillery shells and rockets based on Soviet designs that could significantly aid the Russian army in Ukraine. Experts suggest that such supplies could be a key topic of discussion.
  • Other Possible Agendas: North Korea may also seek energy and food supplies, and discussions on humanitarian aid are possible.
  • Additionally, discussions about North Korean efforts to acquire spy satellites and nuclear-capable ballistic missile submarines might take place.
  • International Concern and Monitoring: South Korea's Foreign Ministry is closely monitoring Kim's visit and maintaining communication with Moscow to ensure that no U.N. member state violates sanctions against North Korea.