Defence Ministry Approves Acquisition of Pralay Tactical Ballistic Missiles

  • 19 Sep 2023

Recently, the Defence Ministry has granted approval for the acquisition of a regiment of Pralay tactical ballistic missiles, marking the first-ever induction of a ballistic missile for conventional operations in the Indian military.

Key Points

  • New Capability: The Defence Ministry's approval paves the way for the Indian Army to acquire a regiment of Pralay tactical ballistic missiles, capable of striking targets within a range of 150–500 km.
  • Historic Move: This marks the inaugural deployment of a ballistic missile for conventional military operations, representing a significant development, as stated by senior defence officials.
  • Production Status: The Pralay missiles are currently in the process of mass production and are expected to become operational in the near future.
  • Broad Strategy: The acquisition of these missiles aligns with a broader strategic objective to establish a strategic rocket force, a concept championed by Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat.
  • Proven Effectiveness: Pralay missiles underwent successful testing on two consecutive days in December, demonstrating their reliability and effectiveness.
  • Advanced Technology: The Pralay missiles are propelled by a solid-propellant rocket motor and incorporate innovative technologies, poised to significantly enhance the Indian Army's offensive capabilities.