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Ki Rajanarayanan: Noted Tamil Writer Passes Away

  • Tamil writer, novelist, and Sahitya Akademi awardee Rayangala Shri Krishna Raja Narayana Perumal Ramanujam Naicker fondly known as Ki Rajanarayanan or KiRa has passed away.
  • A pioneer in writing stories in dialects, Ki. Ra. also authored a dictionary of dialect — Karisal Kaatu Sollagarathi — which paved the way for similar dictionaries from other regions of the State.
  • Ki. Rajanarayanan was honored with Sahitya Academy award in 1991 for his novel ‘Gopalla Purathu Makkal’.

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West Bengal To Establish A Legislative Council

  • The West Bengal cabinet has approved the formation of the Legislative Council - the Upper house of the state legislature. The state had a bicameral legislature but it was abolished in 1969.
  • At present, only six states - Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Telangana, Maharashtra, Bihar, and Uttar Pradesh have Legislative Council.
  • The State Legislative Council is established under Article 169 of the Indian Constitution.
  • The size of the State Legislative Council cannot be more than one-third of the members of the State Legislative Assembly.
  • Parliament of India can create or abolish the State Legislative Council of a state if that state’s legislature passes a resolution for that with a special majority.

News Crux Study/Survey/Report

India Climbs To 3rd Spot On EY Index

  • India has moved a notch higher at the third spot on EY’s Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index (RECAI) due to an exceptional performance on the solar photovoltaic (PV) front.
  • The observations are as per the 57th EY Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index (RECAI) released by EY globally.
  • The US retains top position on RECAI 57 followed by China.

News Crux Ecology & Environment

‘Net Zero By 2050’: IEA Report

On 18th may 2021, the International Energy Agency (IEA) released the report ‘Net Zero by 2050’.

Highlights of the Report

  • Halting new oil, gas, and coalfields will be key to achieving Net Zero Global Carbon emissions by 2050.
  • Achieving Net Zero emissions is vital to limit the increase in average global temperatures to less than 1.5 degree Celsius.
  • The current pledges of the Nations across the world are insufficient to curb global temperature rise, they will result in an increase of 2.1 degrees Celsius by 2050.
  • Energy investment needs to increase to USD 5 trillion a year by 2030 from USD 2 Trillion at present to achieve net zero emissions.
  • Installation of Solar photovoltaic additions should reach 630 GigaWatts (GW) a year by 2030, Wind power needs to increase to 390 GW. It is four times the target set in 2020 for new capacity additions.
  • The share of Electric Vehicles in the global fleet must increase from 5% (at present) to 60% by 2030.

News Crux Awards

Millennium Technology Prize 2020

  • Shankar Balasubramanian, a British-Indian chemist from the University of Cambridge, along with his colleague David Klenerman have won the Millennium Technology Prize for their innovation of Next Generation DNA Sequencing (NGS), technology that enables fast, accurate, low-cost and large-scale genome sequencing – the process of determining the complete DNA sequence of an organism’s make-up.
  • This means huge benefits to society, from helping the fight against killer diseases such as COVID-19 or cancer, to better understanding crop diseases and enhancing food production.
  • The Millennium Technology Prize is Finland’s tribute to innovations that promote the well-being of mankind and society. Technology Academy Finland (TAF) is the home of the Prize and the President of the Republic of Finland is the patron of it.

News Crux Art/Culture/Heritage

Six Indian Places Added To Tentative List Of UNESCO World Heritage Sites

  • Six Indian sites have been added to the tentative list of UNESCO’s world heritage sites.
  • The six sites are - Satpura Tiger Reserve, Iconic riverfront of the historic city of Varanasi, Megalithic site of Hire Benkal, Maratha Military Architecture in Maharashtra, Bhedaghat-Lametaghat in Narmada Valley- Jabalpur, and temples of Kanchipuram.
  • With the addition of these six sites, UNESCO has 48 proposals in the tentative list of India. “As per Operational Guidelines, 2019, it is mandatory to put any monument/site on the Tentative List (TL) before it is considered for the final nomination dossier.
  • India has 38 properties inscribed on the World Heritage List (Cultural-30, Natural-7, Mixed-1)

News Crux Economy/Infrastructure

‘Infrastructure’ Status For Convention Centres

  • The Finance Ministry has granted ‘Infrastructure’ status for exhibition and convention centres that is expected to ease bank financing for such projects.
  • The benefits available as ‘infrastructure’ projects would only be available for projects with a minimum built-up floor area of 1,00,000 square metres of exclusive exhibition space or convention space or both combined. This includes primary facilities such as exhibition centres, convention halls, auditoriums, plenary halls, business centres, meeting halls etc.
  • As of now, the major projects under way in the sector are backed by the government – the International Exhibition-cum-Convention Centres at Dwarka as well as Pragati Maidan in the capital.
  • The infrastructure tag no longer involves significant tax breaks but would help such projects get easier financing from banks.
  • Last August, the government had added affordable rental housing projects to the list of sectors recognised as infrastructure.