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Current Affairs - Kerala

India’s First State-Owned OTT Platform ‘CSpace’

In a first in the country, Kerala will launch a state-owned over-the-top (OTT) platform, ‘CSpace’, in November 2022, offering film lovers an array of movies, short films and documentaries of their choice.

Shaili App

The government of Kerala is set to launch an Android App ‘Shaili’, aimed at diagnosing and controlling lifestyle diseases among the people in the state of Kerala.

  • The app has been set up as part of the population-based screening project launched by the Health Department under the Nava Kerala Karma plan.

‘Navajeevan’ Project: Livelihood to above 50 People

The Labour Department of Kerala will implement Navajeevan, a project to provide a means of livelihood to those in the 50-65 age group.FeaturesThose in the 50-65 age group who have ...

‘Unnati’ Scheme: No more dependency on MGNREGS

The Kerala Govt. has launched ‘Unnati’ scheme to reduce workers’ dependency on MGNREGS and ensure jobs with better wages.Finer Points of the SchemeThe ‘Unnati’ project will provide skill training to ...

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