Chunauti Scheme

Why is it in News?

The Delhi High Court on 15th May tried to find the reason behind the segregation of students according to their learning ability under the ‘Chunauti-2018 Plan’ in Delhi government schools.

Relevance of the news:

The scheme allegedly abrogates the fundamental right to equality and dignity of students which raises questions of constitutionality.

Segregation based on Learning Ability:

  • ‘Parents Forum for Meaningful Education’ moved the court, alleging that the scheme is contrary to the law enacted to streamline education of children under RTE, the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act and the National Policy on Education.
  • Under the scheme, testing and segregation is left to the impulse of the principal of the schools. Based on unreliable results Through unscientific, illegal, ad-hoc tests, Children are segregated and labelled as ‘Pratibha’ (superior) and ‘Nishtha’ (inferior) based on unreliable results of an illegal, unscientific and ad-hoc tests. The children are made to sit in separate groups in the same school or in separate section and are left disempowered.
  • According to the plea, “such discrimination through segregation is creating an irreversible class divide; class hatred; loss of happiness; inferiority and loss of friendship.”
  • The scheme has been claimed antithetical to the core essence of “inclusive education” as per the plea.

Chunauti Scheme:

  • It is a Delhi Government scheme aimed to improve learning levels in government schools. The scheme divides children into groups on the basis of who can read and write Hindi, English and solve mathematical problems.
  • The division was done based on a baseline assessment of the students.
  • The ones who can read are called “Pratibha” and the ones who cannot are “Nishtha”. In class 9 there is another group called “Vishwas” which includes those who are out of school and have failed twice in the class.

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