Issuance Of Green Cards In US

Relevance of the News:

It is a significant development which may affect Indians working in the US.

Why is it in News?

The US President announced on 16th May changes to the way green cards are allocated and introduced a new points-based (merit-based) system of allocation of cards.

What will Change?

  • Points will be awarded to applicants basis their education, work experience, age (more points for younger workers), English language ability etc. New immigrants will have to show that they can support themselves financially and will also need to pass a civics exam.
  • Currently about 12% of those receiving green cards entered the U.S. based on skill-based visas (such as the H1B), while some 66% are family-based green cards. This will dramatically decrease the number of family-based green cards and would grow skills-based green cards to 57%.
  • The new plan would boost border security and tighten asylum procedures.
  • The overall number of green cards, just over 1.1 million in 2017, will remain the same under the new scheme.

Impact on India:

  • The proposals, if they eventually turn into law, could have a significant impact on Indians.
  • A large majority (over 70%) of H1B visas, for skilled workers, went to Indians in fiscal year 2018. Many of these are eventually converted to green cards.
  • Once the system kicks in many U.S. citizens and permanent residents including those Indians who first arrived as H-1B workers would no longer be able live in America with their parents and children.

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