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Current Affairs :

Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act

Which of the statement(s) is/are correct regarding the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act(UAPA):

  1. It has death penalty and life imprisonment as highest punishments.
  2. Under UAPA, both Indian and foreign nationals can be charged.
  3. Under the UAPA, the investigating agency can file a charge sheet in maximum 90 days after the arrest.


Consider the following pairs with reference to the categories of biofuels:

  1. First Generation Biodiesel: produced from sugar, starch, vegetable oil
  2. Second Generation Biofuels: produced from non-food crops
  3. Third Generation Biofuels: require cultivable/arable land for production
  4. Fourth Generation Biofuels: crops are genetically engineered to take in high amounts of carbon

Which of the pair(s) is/are correct?

Wildlife Sanctuary Of Kerala

Consider the following statements with reference to the wildlife sanctuary of Kerala:

  1. It is the only sanctuary of Kerala where sighting of four-horned antelope has been reported.
  2. The sanctuary comes under Project Elephant.
  3. Kabini river (a tributary of Cauvery river) flows through the sanctuary.

The above statements are correct for which of the following wildlife sanctuary of Kerala:

UN Human Rights Council

Consider the following statements with reference to the UN Human Rights Council:

  1. The Council was created by the United Nations General Assembly in March 2005.
  2. The Council is made up of 49 United Nations Member States which are elected by the UN General Assembly.
  3. It holds regular sessions three times a year, in March, June, and September.

Choose the correct statements:


Consider the following statements with reference to the Biomethanation:

  1. It is a process by which organic material is microbiologically converted under aerobic conditions to biogas.
  2. Three basic groups of microorganisms are used in Biomethanation - fermenting bacteria, organic acid oxidizing bacteria, and methanogenic archaea.
  3. Unlike other kinds of waste treatment processes, this process is completely self-sufficient and doesn’t require an external power source.

Which of the statement(s) given is/are correct?

Indian National Movement

Consider the following statements:

  1. Provincial Congress Committees were reorganized on the basis of linguistic areas.
  2. Tilak Swarajya fund was started to fund the movement.
  3. It was this time prominent educational centres like Kashi Vidyapith, Gujarat Vidyapith and Jamia Milia came into existence.

The above given statements are true for which of the following Indian National movement for freedom?

River Dhauliganga

Consider the following statements with reference to the river Dhauliganga:

  1. It originates from Vasudhara Tal and flows through the Nanda Devi National Park.
  2. The river merges with the AlaknandaRiver at Nand Parayag.

Choose the correct statement(s):

National Commission For Backward Classes

Choose the correct statements with reference to the National Commission for Backward Classes(NCBC):

  1. Article 340 of the Indian Constitution lays down conditions for the appointment of a Commission to investigate the conditions of backward classes.
  2. Article 338B provides authority to National Commission for Backward Classes(NCBC) to examine complaints and welfare measures regarding socially and educationally backward classes.

Lala Lajpat Rai

Consider the following statements with reference to the Indian freedom fighter Lala Lajpat Rai:

  1. He founded the Home Rule League of America in 1917 in New York.
  2. Founded the Servants of India Society to for the expansion of Indian education.
  3. Wrote the Book New India shortly after World War I broke out in Europe.

Which of the statement(s) given above is/are correct?

Forest Rights Act, 2006

Consider the following statements with reference to the Forest Rights Act, 2006:

  1. The Act recognizes and vests the forest rights and occupation in Forest land in forest Dwelling Scheduled Tribes (FDST) and Other Traditional Forest Dwellers (OTFD) who have been residing in such forests for generations.
  2. The Act identifies three types of Rights: Title Rights, Use Rights and Relief and Development Rights.
  3. Under the Act, Forest Rights can also be claimed by any member or community who has for at least three generations (75 years) prior to the 13th day of December, 2005 primarily resided in forest land for bona fide livelihood needs.

Which of the statement(s) given above is/are correct? Choose the correct answer from the code given below:

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