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Gender Justice through Economic Independence and Political Representation

Despite several policy interventions and increasing participation of women in various sectors like education, employment, etc. progress towards realising the goals of gender justice through economic independence and political representation of women remains slow. Explain the reasons for the same.

Read the following for the above topic:

  1. Constitutional and legal provisions and policy measures for increasing women's participation in various walks of life.
  2. The stumbling blocks to effective women's participation directed at economic independence and political representation.
  3. The mind set of patriarchal society, people's representatives and policy makers.

Economic Prowess and a Supportive International Environment

Recently, India celebrated her 75th year of Independence. In 2000, India targeted in its first NSAB report to become a world power in the 21st century. The country has become an aspirational power. Explain how economic prowess and a supportive international environment would be conducive to India‘s progress.

Read the following for the above topic:

  1. Geopolitical and economic challenges India faces currently and is expected to face in future.
  2. How India's strong foundation and a conducive international environment are contributing to India's steady rise as a major power.
  3. The emergence of globally competitive Indian firms and professionals who are redefining India's economic contours.
  4. Despite a slew of policy interventions aimed at jumpstarting growth, why there is no evidence yet that the economy is on track to achieve the targeted growth.

Capitalism and Patriarchy

How do capitalism and patriarchy work together to deny equality of status to women?

Read the following for the above topic:

  1. India had been at the forefront of gender budgeting more than a decade ago. However, over the years, it has slowly lost the gains made. The reasons for this turnaround are manifold.
  2. Patriarchal social conditioning and capitalism together have created an unjust, unequal, and exploitative relationship between men and women, severely hampering women’s social empowerment.

Central Vista Project (CVP) Controversy

Recently an issue surfaced in which it was said that the right to life under Article 21 is more important than any other development. It questioned the Government of India’s investment in the Central Vista Project (CVP) during the ongoing pandemic.

Facts in Brief

  • Total estimated cost of the CVP is Rs. 20,000 crore, to be completed by 2026. The cost of the first phase of CVP is Rs. 1339 crore. The move is being opposed, saying the govt. is compromising the financial resources available under healthcare funds to CVP.
  • During the second wave of COVID-19, India struggled for getting medical supplies, shortage of oxygen, medicines and medical personnel and not scarcity of financial resources.

Read the following for the above topic:

  • Read how infrastructure development for public services serves national interest, boosts economic development and security. It is crucial as is the right to life.
  • All relevant judgments and issues regarding the environment, economy, cultural heritage, etc.

Universal access to health services in India

  • India's comprehensive vision for improving universal access to health services includes a holistic approach to health and a robust multi-tier system that provides protection to the poorest citizens.

Read the following for the above topic:

  • Steps taken by the centre and the states towards improving health infrastructure, economy and condition of the vulnerable and distressed sections, particularly through digital infrastructure.

Advantages of invoking the Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897 in the states and the centre.

Read the following for the above topic:

  • India has been facing major problems during the pandemic with reference to real-time data collection from the states and other stakeholders. To initiate necessary policy measures, real-time analysis of collected data as well as clinical measures are most important to be able to tackle the issue and manage the epidemic within a stipulated time frame.
  • Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897 and role of the centre and states during pandemics.
  • Understand what are notifiable diseases and the responsibility of the government in notifying such diseases.
  • Constitutional provisions in relation to health emergencies and epidemics.
  • Mechanism of coordination and management of relations between the centre and the states during epidemics.

Jurisdiction and Authority of Supreme Court and High Courts

Read the following for the above topic:

  • Constitutional provisions regarding the jurisdiction, authority and respective roles of the Supreme Court and the High Courts.
  • As per the Constitution, in matters having trans-national or international ramifications, the HCs should refrain and restrain from passing any order since the SC is best suited to deal with these issues.
  • Instances of HCs crossing their limits and passing orders having pan India ramifications.
  • HCs are constitutionally entitled to scrutinize state government actions and point out deficiencies.

Recently, the government issued directions to social media platforms under the IT Act with reference to "content against security of the state and public order."

Read the following for the above topic:

  1. Information Technology (IT) Act and the issue; content which is covered under "content against security of the state and public order" and the perspective of constitutional provisions such as freedom of speech and expression.

Explain with the help of examples and cases how the establishment of rule of law is the best way for Indian democracy.

  1. Study some examples of political, social and economic empowerment of societies, focussing mainly on distressed people and discuss each example according to constitutional provisions.
  2. You can also cite successful examples of establishment of rule of law and democracy in other countries.

Recently, the Supreme Court ruled that undertrial prisoners' right to life does not diminish.

You need to study the following points for the above topic:

  • Read related past events and cases on prisoners and correlate with the right to life.
  • Provisions related to right to life in the Indian Constitution.
  • Supreme Court's 2019 judgment on prisoners' right to dignity.
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