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National :

Supreme Court to review the validity of law on sedition.

You need to study the following points for the above topic:

  • Constitutional validity of Section 124 of IPC.
  • Some recent cases and the Supreme Court's stance in similar cases during the past two decades.
  • Sedition law being misused by people in power against their adversaries.
  • New legislations having provisions related to actions inciting violence and disorder, disrupting safety and security, and indulging in terrorism; viz. Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, Public Safety Act, National Security Act, etc.
400th birth anniversary of Guru Tegh Bahadur

Read the following point for the above topic:

  • His ideology, path of liberation, nationality, philosophy and spirituality.
Dada Saheb Phalke: The father of Indian cinema.

Read the following points for the above topic:

  1. His contribution to society and Indian cinema.
  2. Changes in Indian cinema over the years.
Note: Also read the same points on Satyajit Ray
Recently, a US-based democracy watchdog institution downgraded India's status with reference to the functioning of democracy in India.

You need to study the following points for the above topic:

  1. Democracy watchdog institutions in India and the world.
  2. Focus areas (parameters) and credentials of watchdog institutions.

For understanding this issue, you need to study the following concepts:

  1. The pillars of Indian democracy.
  2. How Indian democracy functions.
  3. How it is different from western democracies.
  4. Definition and constitutional provisions related to Indian democracy.

Know meaning and explanations of the following:

  1. Partly free democracy
  2. Flawed democracy
  3. Complex democracy
  4. Electoral autocracy
  5. Western bias and hypocrisy
  6. Western liberal value systems
  7. Rule of law
  8. Nationalism vs Liberalism
  9. Ideologies of religious institutions
  10. Freedom of speech and expression
  11. Freedom of conscience
  12. Freedom of religion
  13. Free speech
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