CMS COP14 Concludes with Added Protection for 14 Species

  • 21 Feb 2024

CMS COP14 in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, concluded (12-17th February, 2024) with decisions enhancing conservation efforts, including added protection for 14 species.

Key Points

  • New Safeguards for Key Species: CMS Appendices now include Eurasian lynx, sand tiger shark, and others, with added safeguard through New Concerted Actions.
  • Prioritizing Conservation: Adoption enables priority conservation for species like blue shark, chimpanzee, and straw-coloured fruit bat.
  • Recognition for Migratory Birds: COP14 recognizes the Central Asian Flyway, stretching from Siberia to the Maldives, and introduces a new strategic plan for migratory species.
  • Addressing Threats: Efforts to mitigate threats such as insect decline, impacts of deep-seabed mining, bycatch, and illegal taking of aquatic wild meat were discussed.
  • Initiatives for Protection: New action plans introduced for aquatic species like Hawksbill turtle and Angelshark, along with resolutions on risks to marine megafauna.
  • Habitat Conservation: Initiatives like the Global Partnership on Ecological Connectivity aim to protect and connect natural areas for migratory species.
  • Addressing Zoonotic Diseases: Launch of the One Health Central Asia project to address the worsening risks of zoonotic diseases in Central Asia.
  • Mitigating Human Impact: Guidelines to mitigate light pollution and measures against illegal killing of migratory species were strengthened.