Modifications Made to National Livestock Mission

  • 23 Feb 2024

On 21st February, 2024, the Union Cabinet approved further modifications to the National Livestock Mission, including subsidies for entrepreneurship.

  • Capital subsidies up to 50 lakhs for establishing ventures for horse, donkey, mule, and camel breeding, along with state assistance for breed conservation.
  • 50% capital subsidy for establishing processing units and storage facilities, with remaining costs arranged by beneficiaries.
  • Assistance to state governments for increasing fodder cultivation in non-forest and degraded forest lands.
  • Reduced beneficiary share of premium to 15%, increased coverage to 10 cattle units, facilitating easier insurance access for livestock farmers.
  • National Livestock Mission re-aligned in 2021 with three sub-missions focusing on breed improvement, feed & fodder, and innovation & extension, aimed at entrepreneurship, research, and livestock insurance.