Health Project for Tribal Students

  • 23 Feb 2024

On 21st February, 2024, Union Ministers unveil a joint health initiative to screen and manage tribal students' health through Ayurvedic interventions.

  • Union Ministers launch project for tribal students' health management through Ayurvedic interventions, aiming for a Developed and Fit India.
  • Project focuses on raising awareness about traditional health practices, including medicinal plant gardens in Eklavya Model Residential Schools.
  • Ministry of AYUSH, Ministry of Tribal Affairs, and ICMR-NIRTH collaborate to cater to healthcare needs of tribal students in EMRS across tribal areas.
  • Initiative targets students aged 10-18 to address health issues like Anaemia, Malnutrition, and Tuberculosis.
  • Ekalavya Model Residential Schools provide quality education and holistic development opportunities for tribal students, promoting overall well-being.