Curbing Surrogate Advertisements: Protecting Consumer Rights

  • 23 Feb 2024

On 22nd February, 2024, the Consumer Affairs Secretary highlighted the need to regulate surrogate ads and uphold advertising standards.

Key Points

  • Stakeholder Consultation: Consumer Affairs Secretary highlighted the need to curb surrogate ads undermining consumer rights.
  • Objective of Consultation: Stakeholders addressed issues of surrogate advertising, brand extensions, and trademark restrictions to safeguard public health and consumer rights.
  • Government Involvement: Key government bodies, including CBFC and Trademark Authority, participate in regulating surrogate advertisements.
  • Concerns Raised: Surrogate ads promoting products in restricted categories can have serious implications and undermine consumer rights.
  • Warning from Authorities: Strict actions will be taken against industries failing to comply with guidelines on surrogate advertising.
  • Commitment to Collaboration: Authorities commit to collaborative efforts with stakeholders to address the issue effectively.