• 09 Mar 2024

NAMASTE Scheme aims to eliminate manual sewer and septic tank cleaning, ensuring safety and dignity for workers.

  • Implemented by NSKFDC for three years, with a budget of 349.73 crores.
  • Entitlements include PPE kits, safety devices, health insurance, and livelihood opportunities for SSWs.
  • Components: Profiling of SSWs, Health Insurance, Occupational Safety Training, Capital Subsidy, PPE Distribution, Safety Devices, and IEC Campaign.
  • First component involves profiling SSWs to create a national database and provide unique NAMASTE ID.
  • Online training conducted for ULB Nodal Officers and Surveyors, followed by city sanitation profile collection.
  • State-level training conducted to resolve technical queries and ensure preparedness for profiling camps.