Climate Disasters Declared Systemic by Over 50 Organizations

  • 09 Mar 2024

Recently, social and environmental groups united to denounce climate disasters as governance failures, not acts of nature

Key Points

  • Joint Declaration Signals Urgent Concerns: Collaborative effort emphasizes systemic nature of climate disasters induced by policy failures.
  • Region-Wide Participation: Diverse signatories from across Himalayan states underscore gravity of the issue.
  • Past Disasters Highlight Urgency: Tragic incidents in 2023 underscore need for immediate action to mitigate future risks.
  • Warning Signs for 2024: Scientists predict dire consequences of dry winters, posing imminent threats to communities.
  • Persistent Concerns: Despite waning media attention, questions on root causes persist in the region.
  • Himalayan Dialogue Highlights Risks: Climate scientists stress dual threat of extreme events and gradual climatic shifts.
  • Alarming Projections: Study indicates severe drought risk for 90% of Himalayan region with 3°C temperature rise.
  • Accountability and Marginalization: Declaration holds decision-makers responsible and highlights disproportionate impact on vulnerable groups.
  • Critique of Development Practices: Criticism aimed at infrastructure projects and resource exploitation for exacerbating disasters.
  • Call for Local Solutions: Emphasis on resilience-building at local levels over top-down approaches.
  • Need for Comprehensive Support: Critique of post-disaster response focusing on relief over prevention and rehabilitation.
  • Official Recognition Demanded: Request for national disaster status for affected regions remains unmet, underscoring lack of support.