47 Countries Push for Shipping Sector Greenhouse Gas Charge

  • 19 Mar 2024

EU, Canada, Japan, and others back greenhouse gas charge for international shipping.

Key Points

  • Global Support for Levy: 47 nations, including EU, Canada, and Japan, rally for charge on shipping emissions at IMO meeting.
  • Doubling of Support: Backing for emissions levy more than doubles from previous year, aiming to raise over $80 billion annually.
  • Debate at IMO Meeting: Discussions ongoing at IMO meeting regarding imposition of greenhouse gas fee, with split opinions.
  • Funding for Low-Carbon Fuels: Supporters argue levy could fund development of low-carbon shipping fuels and aid transition in poorer countries.
  • Alternative Proposals: Brazil, China, and Argentina propose alternative fuel emissions intensity limit, aiming to avoid economic disruption.
  • Seeking Consensus: Despite disagreements, member states aim to agree on global measures to prevent fragmentation of shipping standards.