E-commerce FBOs to Rectify Food Product Categorization

  • 04 Apr 2024

On 2nd April, FSSAI issued directives to e-commerce food business operators (FBOs) regarding the proper categorization of food products sold on their platforms.

Key Points

  • Clarification on Product Classification: FSSAI highlights instances of misclassification of licensed "proprietary foods" as health or energy drinks on e-commerce websites, urging prompt rectification.
  • Definition of 'Health Drink': FSSAI emphasizes that the term 'Health Drink' lacks standardization under FSS Act 2006, advising e-commerce FBOs to reclassify such beverages according to extant laws.
  • Understanding 'Proprietary Foods': 'Proprietary foods' refer to non-standardized food items utilizing standardized ingredients, necessitating accurate categorization for consumer transparency.
  • Regulation of 'Energy Drinks': The term 'energy drinks' is permissible only for products licensed under specific food category systems, ensuring clarity and preventing misleading information for consumers.
  • Enhancing Consumer Awareness: FSSAI's corrective measures aim to enhance clarity and transparency in food product labelling, enabling consumers to make informed choices without encountering misleading information.