IIM-A Study Advocates Nuclear Energy for India's Net Zero Goal

  • 04 Apr 2024

An IIM Ahmedabad study proposed prioritizing nuclear energy investments to achieve India's net zero emissions target by 2070.

Key Points

  • Significance of Nuclear Energy: The study highlights the need to increase nuclear energy's share in India's energy mix to attain net zero emissions by 2070, emphasizing its role in sustainable development.
  • Scenarios and Projections: Various scenarios, including high, medium, and low economic growth, are explored, with a focus on nuclear energy, renewable energy, and fossil fuel use coupled with carbon capture and storage.
  • Nuclear Energy Expansion: The study projects a five-fold increase in nuclear power capacity by 2030 and a sharp rise to 30% of India's total energy mix by 2050, requiring substantial investments and uranium availability.
  • Role of Coal and Renewable Energy: While coal remains crucial, the study underscores the need for infrastructure development for alternative sources like nuclear power and flexible grid infrastructure to support renewable energy integration.
  • Financial Implications: To facilitate these transitions, India would require significant financial investments totalling Rs 150-200 lakh crore between 2020-2070, highlighting the scale of the challenge and the importance of strategic planning.