Centre Forms Committee to Address Queer Community Issues

  • 18 Apr 2024

On 16th April 2024, the Centre appointed a committee chaired by the Cabinet Secretary to examine issues concerning the queer community, following a Supreme Court directive.

Key Points

  • Committee Composition: Six-member committee includes representatives from key ministries like Home Affairs and Social Justice.
  • Background: Supreme Court declined to recognize same-sex marriage but endorsed civil unions for legal rights.
  • Minority Opinion: CJI Chandrachud advocated for recognizing a bouquet of entitlements for same-sex couples.
  • Legal Entitlements: Rights include ration card benefits, joint bank accounts, jail visitation, and next of kin status.
  • Scope of Benefits: Committee tasked with outlining benefits available to queer couples in unions.
  • Legal Consequences: Supreme Court highlights succession rights, financial benefits, and employment rights for same-sex couples.