WHO Approves New Cholera Vaccine to Combat Global Epidemics

  • 20 Apr 2024

On 19th April 2024, the World Health Organization greenlight Euvichol-S, a simplified cholera vaccine, to combat global outbreaks.

Key Points

  • Improved Formulation: The new vaccine, developed by EuBiologics, promises quicker production and lower costs compared to existing formulations.
  • Efficacy: Late-stage research in Nepal demonstrates the effectiveness of Euvichol-S in preventing cholera, validating its approval by WHO.
  • Increased Supply: UNICEF's supply division anticipates a 25% boost in vaccine supplies, enhancing accessibility for vulnerable communities.
  • Urgent Need: Demand for cholera vaccines remains high, with 14 countries requesting millions of doses to contain epidemics.
  • Cholera Impact: Cholera, a waterborne disease, continues to pose a threat, especially in regions with poor sanitation and limited access to clean water.