EU Adopts Stricter Air Pollution Limits by 2030

  • 25 Apr 2024

On 24th April 2024, the European Parliament enacted more stringent air pollution regulations, aligning with the WHO's guidelines to curb pollution-related deaths and improve air quality.

Key Points

  • Tightened Regulations: The European Parliament passed legally-binding air pollution limits to be implemented by 2030, aiming to address the significant public health risks posed by poor air quality.
  • WHO Guidelines Influence: Last year, the WHO revised its air quality standards, prompting the EU to adopt stricter measures to promote clean energy and mitigate health risks associated with air pollution.
  • Impact on Public Health: Air pollution claims 300,000 premature lives annually in Europe.
  • Legal Action Against Violators: The EU has taken legal action against over 10 countries for breaching air quality limits, including France, Poland, Italy, and Romania, as ruled by the European Court of Justice.
  • Enhanced Regulations: The new regulations establish stricter limits and target values for pollutants affecting human health, fostering clearer and comparable air quality indices across EU member states.
  • Legal Remedies for Citizens: Citizens affected by air pollution violations will have recourse to legal action, with provisions for compensation if their health suffers as a result.
  • Legislative Approval Process The law secured a majority vote in the European Parliament, but it still requires approval from EU countries to become enforceable, typically a procedural formality.