‘Tomato flu’ cases detected in Kerala

Cases of ‘tomato flu’ were recently reported from Kerala among children below 5 years of age.

About Tomato flu

  • “Tomato flu is an unidentified fever. It is a viral disease that causes rashes or blisters, skin irritation and dehydration.
  • The flu gets its name from the red coloured blisters it causes.


  • The exact cause of the flu is being investigated. Further it is debated - whether the disease is a viral fever or an aftereffect of chikungunya or dengue fever.


  • Some of the most common symptoms include rashes, skin irritation and dehydration.
  • The flu has also caused nausea, stomach cramps, vomiting, diarrhoea, coughing, body ache, sneezing, runny nose, tiredness, and pain in joints.

Preventive Measures

  • Don’t scratch the blisters caused by the flu as it can make it worse.
  • Take proper rest and hygiene.
  • Fluid intake must also be increased to counter dehydration.
  • Like other types of flu, tomato fever is also contagious. So if someone is infected, they need to be kept in isolation.