Twin 6.3 Magnitude Earthquakes Strike Western Afghanistan

  • 09 Oct 2023

On 7th October, 2023, two earthquakes with a magnitude of 6.3 hit western Afghanistan, resulting in numerous casualties, as reported by the country's national disaster authority.

Key Points

  • Varied Death Toll Estimates: The United Nations provided a preliminary figure of 2000 deaths due to the earthquakes. However, this number was later said to be under verification.
  • Local authorities estimated that approximately 100 people lost their lives, and around 500 sustained injuries during the seismic events.
  • Impacted Area and Villages: The Zenda Jan district in Herat province bore the brunt of the twin earthquakes and subsequent aftershocks.
  • These seismic events severely affected four villages in the region, resulting in significant damage to numerous houses.
  • USGS Report: The United States Geological Survey (USGS) reported two earthquakes with a magnitude of 6.3.
  • The epicenter was located 40 kilometers (24.8 miles) northwest of Herat city. Additionally, an aftershock with a magnitude of 5.5 was recorded.
  • Multiple Earthquakes: USGS data indicated a total of seven earthquakes in the affected area. Residents of Herat city reported experiencing at least five powerful earthquakes around noon, leading to widespread fear and evacuation of homes, offices, and shops.
  • Regional Impact: Herat province shares a border with Iran, and the earthquake was also felt in neighboring Afghan provinces, including Farah and Badghis.