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Indian Bullfrog

Why is it in News?

Indian Bullfrog has become invasive in Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

Ambient Air Quality Standards In India

Why is it in News? In a study undertaken by IIT Delhi, it has been found that use of kerosene, fire woods and coal in household contribute to 40% of the PM2.5 level in Gangetic basin districts of India

None Of The Above (NOTA)

Why is it in News?

Due to the ongoing General Elections, NOTA is frequently seen in the news.

International Fleet Review 2019

Why is it in News?

INS Kolkata and Shakti were scheduled to arrive at Qingdao, China from 21 to 26 April to participate in the International Fleet Review as part of 70th Anniversary celebrations of PLA (Navy).


Why is it in News?

In the samples collected by CSIR-NEERI, bacteriophage was found to be 3 times more in proportion to the isolated bacterias taken.

River Ganga

Why is it in News?

As per a study of CSIR-NEERI, it has been found that River Ganga contains significantly higher proportion of organisms with antibacterial properties.

Chenchu Tribes

Why is it in News?

Chenchus believe that domesticating Fox ushers an era of fortune to the tribe.

Tendered Vote

Why is it in News?

Officials allowed some people to caste tendered votes in Tamil Nadu during second phase of the General Elections.

Zinc Deficiency In India

Why is it in News?

In a recent study by the Harvard School, it has been revealed that increase in Carbon dioxide level is one of the causes of Zinc deficiency in crops.

Cotton Production In India

Why is it in News?

The Confederation of Indian Textile Industry, in a recent report has estimated a drop in the production of cotton in India due to the droughts in cotton growing states.

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