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Petta Thulla

Recently, the Kerala State Pollution Board proposed to ban the chemical-based colours used during the PettaThullal ritual. Consider the following given statements about the PettaThulla:

  1. PettaThullal is a form of ritualistic sacred dance to celebrate the victory of good over evil in the legend of Lord Ayyappa of SabarimalaAyyappa Temple.
  2. It is performed during the Mandalam - Makaravilakku period (November, December and January) in the presence of thousands of devotees.

Choose the correct answer from the codes given below:

Rangdum Monastery

Recently, Archaeological Survey of India(ASI) invited objections or suggestions on declaring the Rangdum monastery a monument of national importance. Consider the following statements about the Rangdum monastery:

  1. Rangdum Monastery is a Tibetan Buddhist monastery belonging to the Kagyu sect.
  2. Built in 18th century, the monastery is situated at an altitude of 4,031 m. at the head of the Suru Valley, in Ladakh.

Choose the correct answer from the codes given below:

Ladakhi Shondol Dance

Recently, LadakhiShondolDance has created history by breaking into Guinness Book of World Records as the largest Ladakhi dance.Consider the following statements about the ShondolDance:

  1. The dance performance was held on concluding day of the annual week long Buddhist carnival Losar festival.
  2. It is known as the royal dance of Ladakh.

Choose the correct answer from the codes given below:

Digitization Of The Collections Of Museums

Recently, the Ministry of Culture came out with an ambitious project of the digitization of the collections of museums under it with the help of software. What is the name of the software?

5th Dharma-Dhamma

Recently, among which of the following given places, 5th Dharma-Dhamma was held?

National Academy’s Foundation Day

Which of the following academy given below recently celebrated its 65th foundation day?


In which of the following place, Aadi Mahotsav is currently being organized by the Government of India

Oral History Programme

Which of the following State/Union Territory given below has recently launched Oral History Programme?

Kharchi Puja

In which of the following states, Kharchi Puja is celebrated with much zeal and devotion?

UNESCO’s World Heritage Site

Recently, which of the following sites from India has been included in UNESCO’s World Heritage Site?

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