Telangana Gets WEF’s Centre for Fourth Industrial Revolution (C4IR)

  • 20 Jan 2024

Telangana is ready to score another feat with the setting up of World Economic Forum’s Centre for Fourth Industrial Revolution (C4IR) in State capital.

Key Points

  • Joint Statement: During the WEF-2024, a joint statement from both Chief Minister and President of WEF announced that such collaboration is vital to use new technology towards advancements in life sciences.
  • Enhancing State Health Tech Landscape: It is anticipated that the formation of C4IR will prove crucial in developing Telangana’s State Health Tech Landscape, whose ultimate goal involves enhancing health care delivery services throughout the region.
  • Alignment of Vision: Telangana CM Mr. Revanth Reddy described how the vision and objectives of WEF are in line with those that were envisioned by Telangana government for life sciences sector development. The partnership is regarded as a mechanism to advance the state’s health care goals quickly.