Canopy Walk Facility at Dalma Sanctuary Set to Be Operational

  • 31 Jan 2024

Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary's canopy walk, a 100-meter-long structure at 25 feet height, will be operational by mid-February, enhancing the nature experience for bird enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Key Points

  • Canopy Walk Features: The canopy walk at Dalma Sanctuary, situated at the Nature Information Center (NIC) in Makulakocha, is a 100-meter-long structure at a height of 25 feet, designed in a convoluted form with two base points and two exit points.
  • Benefit for Bird Watchers: The canopy walk aims to cater to nature lovers, especially bird enthusiasts, providing an opportunity for bird watchers to closely observe and photograph bird species. The facility allows for the recording of behavioural patterns using cameras.
  • Community Impact: The initiation of the canopy walk is seen as a positive step towards community engagement, offering economic benefits to unemployed youths in the foothill villages surrounding the sanctuary.
  • Sanctuary's Spiritual Connection: The Sanctuary derives its name from "Dalma mai," a local goddess held in high reverence by the neighbouring villages of Dalma. The spiritual significance of the goddess is deeply intertwined with the sanctuary's identity.
  • Established in 1975: Inaugurated in the year 1975, the sanctuary has stood as a testament to conservation efforts. Notably, it is home to a substantial population of Indian Elephants, contributing to the preservation of this majestic species.
  • Ecological Connection to Water Bodies: Situated within the catchment area of the Subarnarekha River and Dimna Lake in Jamshedpur, the entire forest of Dalma Sanctuary plays a crucial role in the ecological balance of these water bodies.
  • Vegetation Diversity: Categorized as "Dry peninsular Sal" and "Northern dry mixed deciduous Forest," the vegetation within Dalma Sanctuary showcases a rich variety. This diverse ecosystem contributes to the overall health of the sanctuary.